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Can you help to make a permanent change by campaigning to promote reusable nappies in your area?

Write a letter to your MP and I'll send you a discount code for ⭐10% off your next order⭐

1. Visit
2. Use their tools to write to your MP
3. Share your letter with me by 30th June 2020 -
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About me

Hi! I'm Beth Farrow, cloth bum mum of 2, and volunteer at my local nappy library. Follow me on Instagram and feel free to message me for advice.

Please wait while I build this shop.... My vision is to create a space where you can come to a relaxed environment, your baby can try on one of our cloth nappies; and you can enjoy a cuppa & slice of cake in our Real Nappy Café in South London. I haven't built it yet, but stay tuned!

Meanwhile fill out my form for advice; find out if you are eligible for a council voucher; compare the cost of Real vs disposable nappies; and

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