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Newborn Kit

This kit is £50 for 6 weeks, with a refundable deposit of £150.

If you make a purchase of £200 within 2 weeks following your hire, the returned deposit will be increased by £30, meaning the hire cost will be only £20.

Kit hire will start from your baby's due date, unless otherwise requested and depending on availability at the time.

See Napppy Hire page for terms and conditions

Kit contents example:

Quantity Type Name
2 Flat Bummis organic cotton prefold nappy - small
2 Flat MuslinZ organic cotton prefold nappy - newborn
1 Flat Size 1 Miosoft prefold nappy - white cotton **
1 Flat Ella's House Bum Fold Nappy
3 Flat 70cm cotton muslins by MuslinZ - various colours **
1 Flat MuslinZ Bamboo Cotton Terry Square 50cm
1 Flat White Bots Terry Squares 60cm
1 Shaped Ella's House bum slender size small **
1 Shaped Little lamb Bamboo Shaped Nappy size 1
1 Shaped TotsBots Bamboozle Nappy size 1
1 Shaped Bambinex bamboo nappy size 1 **
1 AI2 Bare & Boho all in 2 nappy set (onesize*)
1 AI2 Bare & Boho extra bamboo insert (onesize*)
1 Pocket Little Love Bum Popper & Pocket Nappy (onesize*)
1 AI2 Close Pop-In Nappy (onesize*)
1 AIO  Little Love Bum Newbie
1 Pocket Baba and Boo Newborn Pocket Nappy
1 AI2 Close pop-in newborn + extra insert **
1 Pocket Little lamb size 1 pocket nappy **
1 Wrap Little Lamb Nappy Wrap
2 Wrap Rumparooz Newborn Nappy Wrap
1 Wrap TJ's newborn wrap **
1 Wrap Petit Lulu Pull Up Nappy Wrap - small
1 Wet bag Little Lamb Large Wet Bag (Hanging Pail)
1 Wet bag Little Lamb Drawstring Wet Bag
1 Nippa Little Lamb Nappy Fastener
24 Wipes 24 Wipes - various
1 Bucket TotsBots 16L Nappy Bucket
1 Liner TotsBots Mesh Bucket Liner


* There are 3 or 4 larger nappies included, which are 'onesize' or 'birth to potty' sized nappies. In my experience these will fit a larger newborn baby, are fantastic options, and are included for extra choice and variety.

**These items may not currently be in stock to buy new, but most are available in a larger size, and are included for extra choice and variety.